Lesson absences

1. How can I excuse my lessons?
For apologies, please use only the replacement system, which operates online 24 hours a day.

2. When do I excuse my lessons?
Please excuse your lessons as soon as you can. This increases the chances of the lesson being used by another client/student.
If everyone does this, it will increase the possibility of refunds for yourself!

3. What is the time limit for excusing a lesson?
You can apologise at any time. If you cancel by 10:00 pm the previous day, the system will automatically add the replacement to your account. After 10:00 pm, the lesson is excused without the replacement lesson.

4. What is the difference between a regular lesson and a replacement?
A regular lesson is every lesson of your registered course. A replacement lesson is a term for a properly and timely excused lesson that the system will credit to your account to be used up during that term.

5. Can I get a replacement for an excused lesson as well?
Yes. If you have excused the replacement lesson properly and on time, the system will credit it back to your account for use.

6. After I excused myself from the lesson, the system sent me a message that I was not entitled to a replacement. Why?
Your excuse occurred after 10:00 pm on the day before your registered lesson/replacement or you excused the lesson/replacement on the day of the lesson/replacement.

7. Why does the system excuse lessons with a replacement only until 10 pm the previous day and not e.g. until 8 am?
The system maintains a waiting list of substitutes, which places them into lessons where one of the registered clients is excused. A client requesting a replacement lesson also needs to be notified of their registration in advance so that he can react and prepare for the lesson on the following day.

8. Do I have to excuse the lesson / replacement if I know I will no longer be entitled to a refund?
By cancelling the lesson/replacement you are letting the instructor know that you will not be coming. You are also making room in the lesson for a parent who may want to use a last minute spot, so we ask that you continue to apologise after the proper excuse date.

9. How many times can I excuse a lesson or replacement lesson during the course?
You can excuse an unlimited number of lessons therefore, the maximum number of lessons in the course.