Our story

Family business for family life.

It all started with the idea of ​​midwife Eva Barešová. A lot changed since 2000 but one thing stays the same - we take care of all-round development of your children. With love.

How it started

It all started with the idea of ​​midwife Eva Barešová. At the beginning of her work, Eva visited mothers at their homes in the environment of their family background. She helped them with all the care of their little ones, from prenatal classes through exercise, baby bathing to lactation advice. In 2003, she opened the first Centre for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Maternity at the Černý Most Polyclinic.

Her husband Miroslav Bareš gradually became involved in the field of motherhood, and not only in the sense of his own family life. Miroslav took over the management of the company and in 2009 opened a maternity center in Klánovice with a swimming pool for babies. In 2016, he also opened a center with a large swimming pool for infants and toddlers in a very accessible location in Prague, Černý Most.

Today, in addition to Mr. and Mrs. Bareš, Anahita’s team consists of approximately thirty instructors and other experts. The Anahita Centre offers a wide variety of activities and services such as children’s yoga, montessori or pregnancy massages and regression therapy for mothers. In the future, Anahita wants to start devoting to comprehensive pediatric medicine and physiotherapy.

We are delighted to see more and more families becoming parf of our story. Become a part of the story as well.


History in numbers


The beginning of the midwife career of Eva Barešová


The opening of the first Centre for Pregnancy, Childbirth and Maternity at the Černý Most Polyclinic


The opening of the maternity centre Anahita in Prague, Klánovice


The first skiing trip with parents and their children


The first children summer camp "Zálesáček"


The opening of the new maternity centre Anahita in Prague, Černý Most


The opening of the second swimming pool in the maternity centre Anahita in Prague, Černý Most

Our philosophy

The strongest connection in the world

We are a maternity centre focusing on taking care of all-round development of children and a harmonious relationship with their parents.


Infant care and swimming

It is no big surprise that Czech Republic is one of the leading countries in the field of obstetrics and infant care. This is a long lasting trend. Alongside these two areas there is a strong tradition of swimming. The connection of the two areas - infant care and swimming tradition - is why the maternity centre Anahita exists today.


We are in it together

To be a full time mother or father is one of the best rewarded jobs. The reward it brings is pure love. However, parenthood is also one of the hardest jobs. That is why we are more than happy to guide you through the beginning of this beautiful but often very difficult times.


years active


activities and services


number of instructors

Pesrian goddes of fertility

Pesrian goddes of fertility

We are Anahita

Are you wondering why Anahita? Anáhitá is a Persian goddes of fertility and water, personifying heavenly rivers. We can find mentions about her in many Greek and Roman literary texts and is very often compared with Aftrodité, Artemis or Athena. Womanhood, maternity and water element are the key for all our work and that is why we chose Anahita.

The values we believe in and follow



The power of motherhood is stronger than the power of nature. We are here to make this stage of life as easy and comfortable as it can be. For the comfort of you and your children.


All-round approach

Sound mind in sound body. It does not apply only on adults, but on the youngest of us as well. That is why we take care of every one of you as an individual - no matter the age.



It is a priority for out team to be professional and educated in the field of maternity. We regularly educate our team to be the best support during your journey with us.



We listen to and respect our clients. Mothers, fathers or grandparents trust us with their children



We want you and your children to feel comfotable and like at home in our center because that is the key for learning from each other new things



We continually grow, improve and offer new services. We get ispiration from new trends or mediacal discoveries and we inspire others by our work

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