Using the leftover replacement lessons after the end of the semester/course

1. We had to excuse from the last lesson of the course which is already over. When can I use the replacement?
Generally, replacement lessons from an ongoing course can only be used up during the semester. In case you continue with a follow-up course of the activity, the system will transfer the unused replacements to your new registration as an extra bonus. You may use the transferred replacement lessons for the first 12 weeks of the following semester if you are registered for that semester.

2. I have unused replacements, the current semester is ending and we are not continuing with the next course in the following semester. What can I do with it?
In this case, where there is no subsequent registration of the client/student, unfortunately the system inactivates the replacements and it is not possible to use them independently.

3. I have unused replacements, the current semester is ending and we are continuing with the acitivity in the following semester. Can the replacements be converted to credit to reduce the cost of the new course?
We are sorry, but replacement lessons cannot be counted as financial compensation for the cost of the new course.

4. We are continuing with another course, how do I know if any unused replacements from the previous course have been carried over?
When clicking on any lesson in the timetable, the student detail will expand where you will find a number next to the name. The positive number before the bracket indicates the number of replacements from the current course. The number in brackets after the “+” sign indicates the number of replacements carried over from the previous period. If you do not see any brackets, you have exhausted all the lessons from the previous term.

5. What is the maximum number of replacememnt that can be transferred from a previous course?
The maximum number of replacements that can be transferred corresponds to the maximum number of registered lessons of the previous semester.

6. I am sure I have a replacement left over from the previous semester and I don’t see it in my account. Where can I find the details?
It is possible that the system has enrolled you based on your request for a replacement in the future, so the transferred replacement has already been applied and we expect you to attend the lesson.