Using replacement lessons

1. Until when can I use the replacement lessons from my course?
Replacements are only available during the semester in which you are enrolled.
For swimming, you can take advantage of the lessons offered at both of our pools (MIA and VITA).

2. How do I know if and how many replacements are available to me?
When clicking on any lesson in the timetable, the student detail will expand where you will find a number next to the name. A positive number indicates the number of refunds. If 0 is listed here, you have no refunds available.

3. How do I know where in the timetable is a free space to claim a replacement lesson?
Lessons are colour-coded in the timetable (valid for the full version of the website, not for the mobile app). Your registered lesson is shown in green, occupied lessons are shown in red, and white indicates a free place in the lesson.

4. I have a replacement lesson available and I don’t see a free place in any course in the system…
Some of the excuses occur “at the last minute”, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of the ” watch the lesson” option. The system will enroll you in the desired lesson when a space becomes available and it is your turn.

5. How do I set up a “lesson watch”?
By clicking on your preferred lesson, ticking the checkbox and saving your request, you will either immediately register for a replacement lesson (if there is a free place) or the system will send you a message that the lesson is full and you have been placed on a waiting list.

6. How many “watches” can can I set up in the system?
The system allows you to set a maximum of 7 active reservations on the waiting list for a given course.

7. Can I set up a lesson watch for one replacement in more than one lesson at a time?
Yes, this is possible up to 7 active reservations.

8. Can I set up a lesson watch even if I don’t have a replacement available in my account?
Unfortunately, that’s not possible. The system only allows reservations on the waiting list for clients who have at least one replacement available in their account.

9. How will I know if I’ve got a replacement lesson?
As soon as a client apologises and your reservation is next on the waiting list, the system will enroll you in the lesson and send you an email and text message.

10. I’ve set up lesson watch for 2 lessons on the same day. How does the system work in that case?
If you have 2 lessons on watch and have more than one replacement available in your account, you must take into account that there may be a vacancy in both lessons. In that case the system will enroll you for a replacement in both lessons.

11. How to treat the situation so that I don’t have two replacements on the same day?
You can either request to watch only one lesson for that day or, alternatively, immediately after activating the first replacement, cancel the reservation on the waiting list for the second lesson by 10 pm at the latest.

12. I have a lesson watch set up for tomorrow but I already know I won’t be able to attend the replacement…
If your schedule for the following day has changed, it is advisable to cancel any reservations on the waiting list for the next day. Otherwise, you have to take into account that the system can register you for a lesson at any time before 10 pm.

13. I am checking the system for vacancies and still can’t get a replacement. What can I do?
In this case, we recommend that you set up a lesson watch several weeks in advance, as this will significantly increase your chances of being placed at the top of the waiting list and thus enrolling in a lesson if another client excuses from the lesson.
An extremely high chance of getting a replacement arises on the day of the lesson, so we recommend checking the availability of a free place in the morning of the lesson.

14. How is it possible that I have exhausted all my replacements and yet the system is keeping track of more replacement lessons to be used up?
This situation may arise if you set up a lesson watch for more than one lesson at a time when you still had a replacement available. However, these reservations on the waiting list are inactive until a lesson is excused by you in due course and therefore a replacement for the excused lesson is recognised.