WATSU – Saturday 27. 1. 2024

24. July 2024
WATSU – Saturday 27. 1. 2024

Does your back hurt, do you feel exhausted, do you need to rest and recharge?


We have prepared for you in Anahita water therapy Watsu, which mobilises joints, muscles and the body as a whole. It relieves mental tension and brings deep relaxation. The therapy is individual and takes place in 34°C warm water.

* Water therapies use water as a basic element of life. Our body is 80% water, we develop in water for 9 months before birth. Water, which is a carrier of information, has the ability to carry our body, to relax us, to cleanse physically and energetically, to induce a state of well-being. And when these qualities are combined with the therapist’s knowledge, expertise and art of working with the body, there is no choice but to let it all work its magic and enjoy the whole therapy.

Water therapy works on a physical, mental and emotional level, activating the self-healing forces of the body, the therapy process is chosen according to the individual needs of the client.

Watsu©is a basic technique in which all these qualities are represented. The other techniques you will encounter on these pages are based on Watsu, further develop it, can be combined and complement each other.

* This text is taken from www.watsu-czech.cz, where you can find more details on this amazing water relaxation therapy.

Watsu is suitable for everyone – regardless of age, for people with limited mobility, pregnant women (for whom it can be a wonderful experience of bonding with the baby), children, as well as athletes.

Date: Saturday 27 January 2024

Price: 2 500,- CZK (includes therapy 50 – 60 min long, acclimatisation 20 min, refreshments)

Reservation of the date is possible online or at the reception of Anahita Černý Most in person or by phone 281 973 065.

If you would like to give this unique experience as a gift, please contact us by email (anahita@anahita.cz), we will be happy to prepare a gift voucher for you.