Summer swimming equipment

21. June 2024
Summer swimming equipment

The season of summer vacations is quickly approaching and many of your will be spending the summertime by water with your children. If you have been considering what kind of swimming equipment to take with you, we offer some tips for you.

It is not the best idea to force your children to swim during the vacation. They are on the vacation for the same reason as you: to relax and have fun. The equipment we mention are for the child‘s assurance in water. Even though you purchase some kind of equipment, it is very important to have the children under control all the time. But instead of children wearing various types of equipment, it is better to play different games in water with them such as play pretend to be jelly fish, sea horses, starfish, elephants, jump over the waves, crawl like a grumpy crocodile, crawl like dogs, crabs and pour water over each other. Your children develop basic swimming skills such as floating, orientation or proper breathing through playing games.

Equipment for 1 – 2 years old children
inflatable armbands, foam fish, inflatable ring

When buying inflatable ring, the key is to buy the right size. However, it is still quite unstable equipment. The constant presence of a parent is necessary. Be careful about the rings with a seat in the middle. It seems like the child is secure but if the child turns over wearing it, they will not be able to swim out of it. So, if your child wears the latter type the child still needs to be under full supervision.

Equipment for older children
Foam fish, foam noodles, swimming belt. If you would like to practise swimming with your children, we advise to use the belt and small foam board.

The most universal one from the mentioned above is the foam noodle. You can swim with it, jump over it, dive under it and even parents can use the noodle for a little workout or relaxation.