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Pregnancy massages

Relax your body and mind. You will truly appreciate it during the time of your pregnancy

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The perfect relaxation The perfect relaxation
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The perfect relaxation

“All those cliches, those things you hear about having a baby and motherhood - all of them are true. And all of them are the most beautiful things you will ever experience.”

Penelope Cruz

Let yourself and the baby in your tummy be pampered. Our practice follows classical aromatherapeutic relaxation massage and is focused on the most strained body parts during pregnancy. However, every one of you is unique, have different needs and problems and that is why our massage always begins with individual consultation. Based on the initial consultation we build the massage that fits you perfectly.

The massage can be done while you lie down, sit or on your side - it is up to what is comfortable to you. During our massages we solely use cold pressed essential oils such as rose, lavender, roman chamomile or citrus. The whole massage atmosphere follows calming music and you will be leaving the massage perfectly relaxed and rested.

For mothers to be

Our massages are ideal for all mothers to be who feel the tiredness of their legs, back or joints and long for overall relaxation of their body.

Our tip

Choose the essential oil for your massage based on your current state of body and mind. Rose, lavender and chamomile are antidepressant, calming and help with anxiety. Orange, lime or grapefruit are refreshing and they lift your spirit.

“I very much appreciate the individual approach of the massage therapist who focused on the body parts I was struggling with the most. My body and mind were nicely relaxed after the massage.”

Lucie a mother

What questions you have

Is the massage safe for the baby?

Yes, it is safe. Our massages are specifically for pregnant clients and ,therefore, is very gentle and safe.

What position is the massaged mother to be in?

It all depends on you. You can be massaged while lying down, on your side or sitting. It is all up to what feels good to you.

How long is the massage?

The complete massage is typically one hour long.

Price and booking

60 minute massage

900,- Kč



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We ask you to pay the massage 48 hours before the massage the latest otherwise your reservation will be lost. If you cancel your booking 12 hours before the massage we will refund you with the full price. In case the cancellation is less than 12 hours before the massage, there is a cancellation fee 50% of the full price.