Strengthen and rehabiliate

Pregnancy excercise

Why just sit on the sofa at home if you can do pilates or yoga even while pregnant.

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Fit while pregnant and after the birth Fit while pregnant and after the birth
Strength and flexibility

Fit while pregnant and after the birth

“Sometimes the strength of motherhood is greater than natural laws.”

Barbara Kingsolver

As the baby grows in the tummy, the physical requirements of the pregnant mother grow quickly as well. The body mass increases and the circulatory system works on its full potential. Regular exercise during pregnancy can be a nice and effective way to stay fit during this time and to help you with the physical needs of the child birth.

Our classes are made out of aerobic exercises, pilates, yoga and stretching. We focus on strengthening and relaxing of pelvic floor and firming up of the whole body. During the classes you get to use gym balls, light dum bells or resistance bands but don’t worry, relaxation is an essential part of our sessions as well.

You can join our group classes for pregnant ones in the ANAHITA Maternity centre in Prague, Černý Most every Wednesday from 5:30 PM.

For mothers to be

The classes are ideal for all mothers to be from the beginning of 12th week of pregnancy who want to feel fit and handle the child birth the best way possible.

Our tip

What you learn in our classes can be easily done at home during postpartum. This way your muscles and skin maintain the needed elasticity and strength and you will be able to handle your quickly growing baby with ease.

"My first labour and especially the last few days before it were quite physically draining but my good fitness helped me and I handled it all."

Eva a mother

The questions you have

How long is one class?

Each class lasts 55 minutes.

What do I take with me?

You will need comfortable workout clothes and shoes, towel and a water bottle.

Does the work out take place in water or on dry land?

We run our classes in the gym room of ANAHITA maternity centre, Prague - Černý Most.

Are the classes truly gentle?

Do not worry, they are. We use workout mats, gym balls, resistance bands and body weight. You listen to your own body and do what is comfortable to you.

Price and booking

Individual class

220,- Kč


3-class pass

630,- Kč


6-class pass

1 200,- Kč



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In case you cancel your booking the day of the class before midday you can rebook your class for another time. In case you cancel your booking the day of the class after midday the cancellation fee is 100% of the class price. Please, make your cancellations via email on