Open up your soul

Regression therapy and deep relaxation

Heal your body and soul natural and pragmatic way.

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Understand yourself and your soul Understand yourself and your soul Understand yourself and your soul
Harmony and acceptance

Understand yourself and your soul

“A dream that is not understood remains a mere occurrence; understood it becomes a living experience.”

Carl Gustav Jung

Through regression to serenity

The regression therapy led by Michaela Valová can be first step on your new journey. Every problem has its cause as well as its solution. During the expanded state of consciousness similar to hypnosis you open your soul and discover unresolved emotional trauma from the past.

When going back to old and very often forgotten events you experienced, you become part of it again. However, you are able to take the role of the “viewer” as well. This way your learned patterns of understanding you apply in your life can change. The new patterns can be then applied in your real life and therefore live happier life.

The healing effects of deep relaxation

Deep relaxation has healing effects not only on your body but especially on your soul. The healing processes and mechanisms start activating after the first twelve minutes in this state.

You will have the opportunity to disconnect from the everyday stress and the conscious part of your mind. You transfer to the state of peace which leads to natural positive changes in whatever issue you might be dealing with - your health, relationships, work, self-confidence or self-realisation.

For men and women, for all

Regression therapy and deep relaxation is for anyone who wants to live happier, healthier and more balanced life. Or maybe for someone who just wants to find peace and enjoy the present moment.

Our tip

People come to us with various different problems. The most common ones are linked to family, relationships and conception issues. Regression therapy and deep relaxation are the pragmatic way to solve these problems that classical medicine very often does not pay attention to.

"Me and my husband tried to conceive for over three years unsuccessfully. After a lot of doctor appointments I was told there is almost no chance for me to get pregnant naturally. I underwent IVF multiple times with no result and then decided to look for the hidden cause of my problem. I completed multiple regression therapies with Michaela Valová and number of other types of therapies she specialises on. The result was that I conceived naturally and today I have a 6 weeks old daughter."

Dáša a mother

The questions you have

Regression therapy: What is it and what can I expect from this type of therapy?

We travel back in time to the cause of our issues based on association and physical and emotional reaction. By understanding the wider context of the issue and processing it we are able to fix the patterns we have been using our whole life to cope with certain situations.

Regression therapy: What problems does the therapy work with?

Using regression therapy you can work on any negative principles that repeat in your life. From relationship issues (repeating types of relationships, the experience of rejection) through physical issues (migraines, problems with digestion or conception) to other challenging obstacles such as low self-esteem, fear or addiction.

Regression therapy: Will I be aware of what I am going through during the therapy?

You are fully aware what is happening to you during the regression. You are only in slightly different state of consciousness. You are aware you sit right now right here on the chair, you hear the surrounding sounds and feel your body. However, at the same time you are experiencing a past event from your life. Your patterns start to fix which you fully remember and start to apply in your real life.

Deep relaxation: What can the deep relaxation help with?

The relaxation is especially good for disconnecting from everyday stress in your life. You are able to connect to your inner peace - a healthy, harmonious state natural to every one of us. This state of mind helps to shift you to positive tuning in anything you are focused on at that point in your life from mental wellbeing, health, relationships, self-esteem, work or self-realisation.

Deep relaxation: I struggle to relax and unwind in my day to day life. Can this method still help me?

Everyone of us is unique and we react differently. However, everyone is able to reach this state of relaxation. Some can tune into it immediately and some need more time. No matter how long it takes, there are always positive outcomes for everyone.

Deep relaxation: I am not successful with processing a specific problem in any way. What can I do about it?

During deep relaxation you disconnect from your conscious mind. If the mind knew how to solve the problem, it would have already done it. During the relaxation you become an observer of the process. By connecting to your core source which knows the best and the healthiest solution for you, the solution will start applying naturally in your life.

Price and booking

Regression therapy - 3 hours

1.100,- Kč/hour


Deep relaxation - 1 - 2 hours

1 200,- Kč/hour



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