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Infant and toddler exercise

Did you know that physical activity during childhood in the basis for any sports activity in the future?

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In the rythm of songs and rhymes In the rythm of songs and rhymes In the rythm of songs and rhymes
Movement coordination and fine motor skills

In the rythm of songs and rhymes

"The amount of love we receive in childhood is the amount of love we carry with us throughout our lives."

Richard Pachman

Movement in the rythm of songs, rhymes and poems has a positive impact on the development of fine and gross motor skills and overall psychomotoric development of children. Additionally, regular contact with children of the same age naturally helps with the child's development of social skills. Our instructors use games and fun approach in the lessons therefore, the lessons are never same. They use various types of equipment from balls, over balls, gym balls through balance boards, colourful parachutes to trolleys, polyfoam stairs and other toys.

For infants and toddlers

We divide children into groups not only according to their age but based on their psychomotoric skills as well. We have 4 different abilities: lying, turning, crawling and walking. Children from 3 months to 3 years old exercise with parents. The lessons take place at Černý Most once a week.

We collaborate with physiotherapists

The first year of life is full of changes in psychomotor development and movement stereotypes are formed for life. That is why the sophisticated exercise methodology includes the insights of a pediatric physiotherapist in the lessons and an individual approach.


Lucie graduated in physiotherapy at the 2nd Medical Faculty of Charles University. She completed internship in Bobath hospital in Ostrava and a course of Vojta reflex locomotion. Since the beginning of her practice, she has specialised in paediatric clients and has worked mainly with children with severe neurological diagnoses such as cerebral palsy, central hypotonic syndrome and others.

Since 2022, Lucie has focused at Anahita on assessing psychomotor development in babies and children, both in group activities and through individual physiotherapy examinations and consultations.

Our tip

Due to the systematic exercise you can prevent children from poor movement habits which can lead to back pain and other problems later in life. During our course you will gian tips and tricks for exercise and games you can easily apply at home as well.

„We learned something new every lesson. I believe it was a great bonding activity with our son for both me and my husband.“

Markéta a mother

The questions you have

What is the price of the course?

The price of the course depends on the number of lessons in the given course. Our courses are divided to two semesters - 1st semester is from September to January and 2nd semenster from February to June. You will receive detailed information after filling in our non-commitial application.

Can I come to a trial lesson?

Unfortunately, we don't offer trial lessons in this course. However, if you decide to cancel the course 48 hours after the second lesson of the course the latest, you get 80% of the original course price back.

Can I join the course even though it has already started?

Yes, you can join the course during the semenster as well. In case there are others interested as well we try to open a new course.



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